Healthcare Management and Consulting

Soroka Corporation was conceived with the idea of providing straight forward management consulting and support services to the medical community, specifically small-to-mid sized healthcare providers.


Practice Optimization, Workflow Improvement, Cost Optimization, Employee Training, Call Center Management, EHR Implementation, Practice Expansion

Our goal is to assist physician’s practices in their growth and financial goals by providing management consulting services. Our services are tailored specifically to practice area and encompass practice expansion, HIPAA compliance, minimize or eliminate completely any downtime and help with major decisions. We have assisted many practices such as yours with increasing performance, cutting costs, and growing their business. Whether your intention is to open a new office location or just bring order to your existing practice, eliminating the constant problems once and for all – we can help!
Our consultants have deep domain expertise in healthcare management, information technology, sourcing and researching new EHR software, HIPAA compliance, hardware purchases and anything and everything practice management related.
Soroka Corporation wants to make your physician’s practice as successful as it can possibly be without a decrease in the type of quality care that you have already chosen to provide your existing patients. If we can’t make it better, we just won’t do it.

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